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New Year’s Skincare Resolutions

It is officially 2018 and we all know what that means, new year’s resolutions! That’s right, time to start that diet up again, finally clean out that closet you have been putting off all 2017, and best of all it’s time to up your skincare game. So, get out your pen and paper because we have created the perfect checklist below for you to make 2018 the year of great skin!


These first four probably coincide with your new year’s resolutions already, but they are so important that we feel the need to reiterate.


Drink more water.

H2O is not only needed for you to live but if you drink plenty of it, water can really do wonders for the skin. It will keep your skin hydrated and looking healthy. We recommend buying a water bottle to keep on you at all times.



Regularly doing cardiovascular exercise will keep your blood circulating to all of the skin on your body. Pro tip: don’t wear makeup while working out. Doing so might cause breakouts.


Have a healthy diet.

Eating poorly can cause breakouts and  a poor diet can cause breakouts and dull-looking skin whereas a healthy diet can provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs to stay radiant. We recommend eating plenty of fruit.


Get plenty of sleep.

You work hard, and for 2018 you need to convince yourself that you deserve a full 8 hours of sleep. Not only will sleep help cure those dark circles under your eyes, but it will give you more energy and reduce stress.


Wash your face before bed.

Yes, you night owls, we are talking to you. Those that stay up late and when you finally want to crawl into bed you convince yourself that washing your face is a nicety that you can’t afford to take the time for. NO MORE! Washing your face and applying a moisturizer will pay dividends. Give your skin the chance it deserves to breathe and renew overnight.  Check out our three-step nighttime routine that is perfect for those that need a simple 5-minute skincare routine.


Clean out your medicine cabinet.

If you have had that product for over two years, toss it. Most skin care products have an expiration (even if it is not listed) of about a year to two years. As time goes on, your products become less effective. So, if you bought your eye cream circa 2015, it’s time to say your goodbyes and move on. P.S. we have a fabulous eye cream we think you will love called Calm.

Re-evaluate your skincare needs.

Do you need to update your skin care regimen? Perhaps your skin has changed.  There may be new problem areas you need to focus on or the change of season calls for a new moisturizer.  Either way, trying new products in your routine might make all the difference if you aren’t seeing any further change from your current products.


Get a facial.

Your skin will thank you for it. We know, you are busy and facials can be expensive. But everyone deserves to treat themselves at least once a month. If you are still not convinced that you can spend money each month on a facial, read how to give yourself an at-home facial.


Don’t pick at your skin!

Everyone is guilty of popping a pimple every once in a while, but doing so can cause them to last longer, but it can also create scarring and increased breakouts. Just leave your blemishes alone, treat them properly, and be patient.  It will be worth it.


Wear Sunscreen!

If you do not already do this on the daily, you need to start. Make this resolution your top priority in 2018 and we can guarantee that your skin will be looking healthy and radiant for years to come!


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