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Does Your Eye Cream Contain this Magic Ingredient?

Have you started to notice a change in the skin around your eyes? As we age, the collagen in our skin deteriorates, which allows wrinkles to form (and the eye wrinkles are usually the first to form).  While many creams promise to turn back the hands of time, sometimes the actual effects are minimal. However, over many years and lots of research, it has been determined that there are some ingredients that work more effectively than others. In this blog, we will mainly be focusing on one and it so happens to be an active ingredient in our eye cream, Calm.


Matrixyl is already used in several anti-aging skin care products and has been proven to visibly reduce wrinkles. This magic ingredient is a peptide that can double collagen levels in the skin and in turn increase the elasticity of the skin. This ingredient paired with anti-oxidants and vitamins can do wonders for diminishing fine lines on the skin. Don’t believe us, we will send you a free sample with any purchase.

Our eye cream pairs nicely with a good night sleep and our nourishing night cream, Amend. Amend not only contains multiple peptides and anti-aging ingredients but also contains retinol. Retinol is the number one anti-aging ingredient next to Matrixyl. Our dangerous eye and night cream duo will provide your skin with the ingredients it craves all while you are fast asleep.

To complete the package, add on our anti-oxidant cleanser Flush. This soothing cleanser is perfect for cleaning off the dirt from the day. You can buy all three for 30% off here.

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