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The Do’s and Don’ts of Vitamin C Skin Care Products

We all know vitamin C is good for you but do you know the best ways to benefit from it? If used correctly, vitamin C can drastically improve your complexion and help with overall skin health. So, how do you use vitamin C to its full potential? Well, let us tell you.


DO NOT mix vitamin C serums that contain L-ascorbic acid with niacinamide(AKA vitamin B3) or retinol (vitamin A).

The pH levels of these elements don’t interact well with those of vitamin C. The result, they end up canceling each other out and making both products ineffective. Sometimes, the reaction can even cause redness.

DO wait 30 minutes between each application of vitamin C, retinol, or niacinamide.

This will constrain the formulas from negatively intermingling with each other and give your skin some time to normalize. If you use a product that contains a combination of these ingredients, most likely it has been formulated with a time release process so they aren’t all active at once.


DO look at things like smell, color, and consistency of your vitamin C serum to make sure it hasn’t oxidized.

  • Color: Your serum should be white, clear, or a light champagne color. If the product is dark or cloudy in color, the serum may have oxidized and should be returned or gotten rid of.
  • Smell: Vitamin C serums should have little to no odor. If it smells sour, it’s no good.


DO NOT use vitamin C serums that are sold in clear bottles. Vitamin C serum needs to come packaged in a dark glass or an opaque bottle in order to protect it from light exposure.

Also, if serums are yellow or brown in color that might mean the manufacturers added a tint to hide oxidation. However, Vitamin C moisturizers are more likely to have a tint since often they contain other ingredients.


DO look for a vitamin C serum with a lower pH level. We think something around 3.5 is perfect. This will create better absorption and will reach the innate layers of your skin for the best results.

DO NOT try to formulate your own vitamin C serum! I’m sure Pinterest promises that it can help you make a serum just as good but when dealing with these concentrates it’s best to leave it to the pros. Add to much of one ingredient and your skin could become very irritated.

DO leave it to the pros. Our Vitamin C serum, Glow, is full of all the skin boosting ingredients you have been craving.

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