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Are You Using Your Eye Cream Correctly?

Your eyes are one of the first features someone will notice about you. Of course, you want them to remain ageless and beautiful for years to come, but what is the most effective way of doing so you ask?  We answer. By using the right products and applying them correctly. Ready to learn how to best use your eye cream?

Get the right eye cream

When it comes to eye creams, you want them to contain potent ingredients that aren’t extremely harsh on your thin tissue that resides underneath your eye. An ingredient like eyeliss is a great ingredient to help reduce the bags under your eyes. Try our eye cream, Calm. It has just the right touch to make your eyes bright and awake.

Just the right touch

When using eye cream, you don’t need to be as heavy-handed as you would your moisturizer. Use your ring finger to dab in sideways motions along the bottom and top eyelids or in delicate swiping action. The muscles in your ring finger are generally weaker so they’re not likely to stretch or pull on this delicate area.

Apply in the right order

Applying your eye cream at the wrong stage of your skincare routine can cause the product to be less effective. You want the products to absorb properly and work under the skin’s surface. A good rule of thumb is to apply your skincare from lightest product to heaviest, that way the heavier products can penetrate through the lighter ones to be properly absorbed. So if you’re eye cream is denser and richer than your moisturizer, apply after it. If it’s lighter than your serum, apply before and so on.

Quantity control

There is no need to overdo the eye cream. One squeeze should be plenty for the top and bottom of both your eyelids. If you notice there is still excess, dial down the amount you are using.

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When using eye cream it’s imperative not to neglect areas of the eye that are prone to aging. The corner of your eye extending out to your temple is where crow’s feet will occur so don’t be afraid to use all the way out to just before the hairline. Also, extending your eye cream use to a little below the lower lid to the top of your cheek is great, as the skin is fragile there too.

Cold is key

Put your eye cream in the fridge to de-puff eye swiftly in the mornings. This will help with any inflammation and it feels amazing!


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